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School Chaplaincy
Chaplaincy Vacancies
Looking for a school chaplaincy position with Korus Connect?
Child Safety
Korus Connect and Child Safety
Korus Connect believes that all children and young people, including Aboriginal children, have a right to feel safe, be heard and be respected. Our workers are trained to work with children and young people in a safe and respectful way. Korus Connect has zero tolerance of child abuse. Click the buttons below if you would like to contact Korus Connect or find out more.
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Special Religious Instruction
Helping students flourish
Why not give students the opportunity to learn about the Christian faith while at school? Find out more today.
Equipping chaplains and pastoral care workers
Are you looking to update and strengthen your pastoral care skills? Click the link to find out more.
Our Shared Vision
Partnering for community
That’s where Korus Connect comes in. We bring our experience, resources and networks to start conversations, collaborate on community initiatives and empower communities to become connected, supported and whole.

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