Korus Connect supports the wellbeing of communities.

Korus Connect helps build communities that are connected, supported and whole.
Social Impact
Research Confirms Impact
A recent report produced by Huber Social confirms that our Community Connector initiative (as surveyed in the City of Whitehorse) is making a difference in the lives of those who are regular participants.
Chaplaincy Vacancies
Looking to support a school community as a school chaplain? Click the button to find out more.
Connection to Collaboration
Community re-imagined
Imagine a thriving and connected community where people are connected, supported and whole? Let's work together to see this happen.
Make an Impact
Our Shared Vision
Partnering for community
That’s where Korus Connect comes in. We bring our experience, resources and networks to start conversations, collaborate on community initiatives and empower communities to become connected, supported and whole.

Let's start building communities that are inspired, supported and whole.

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