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School Vacancies
There are chaplaincy vacancies in a number of schools.
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Connection and Belonging
We all need to connect with others in meaningful ways.
COVID-19 has reminded us that people thrive on connection; that people need a sense of belonging and purpose. Do we see strong connections and deep belonging in our communities? If we don’t, we have an opportunity to change this.
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Connection to Collaboration
Community re-imagined
Imagine a thriving and connected community where people collaborate to bring about positive, lasting change. What if we all came together to help and care for each other? Let's work together to bring a greater sense of belonging, purpose and hope to our communities.
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Our Shared Vision
Partnering for community
That’s where Korus Connect comes in. We bring our experience, resources and networks to start conversations, collaborate on community initiatives and empower communities to become inspired, supported and whole.

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