Child Safety

If you are feeling grateful for the help you or your child has received please email so that we can celebrate this with others, including the Korus Connect workers you have appreciated. 

Korus Connect’s commitment to child safety is reflected in our training, recruitment practices and policies.  

Child safety, including cultural safety, is included in our training of paid and volunteer workers. Potential workers are screened for their understanding, commitment and compliance with child safe requirements and expectations. All applicants must hold a valid Working with Children Check and all school and community-based workers must also disclose the results of a National Police Records Check issued within the previous 12 months. 

Korus Connect is committed to the right of all children and young people to feel and be safe. This includes the right to be heard and be respected, regardless of their background, ability or any other difference.  

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Below we detail the rigorous process we follow in employing and managing our chaplains to ensure they are trained and would work well with children and young people.

Application Process
All chaplain applicants must:
  • Have a valid employee Working with Children Check
  • Disclose the result of a National Police Records Check which is less than 12 months old with the purpose = working with children 
  • Meet the minimum qualification requirements and provide certified copies of all relevant qualifications and certificates 
  • Complete an application form and address the key selection criteria including providing examples of experience effectively working with young people 
  • Answer the application form's child safety declaration questions 
  • Have reference checks with both Pastor/Minister and previous employer conducted which include a question which addresses any concerns they may have about the applicant working with children 
  • Attend a face-to-face first round interview with Korus Connect staff  
  • Attend a face-to-face second round interview with School Staff and Korus Connect Regional Community Manager  
  • Adhere to the Korus Connect Code of Conduct and Child Safety Code of Conduct which addresses expected behaviour in terms of child safety, empowerment, cultural safety and adherence to all Child Safety policies and sub-policies. 
Appointment Process

Chaplains Recruitment and Oversight Process

All chaplains upon appointment are required to: 
  • Sign an acknowledgement and acceptance of Korus Connect's Code of Conduct confirming adherence to the organisation's child safety policies 
  • Sign an acknowledgement and acceptance of the Child Safety Code of Conduct
  • Sign an National School Chaplaincy Program code of conduct for each school they are working in which outlines expected behaviour around students 
  • Provide an updated Police Records Check with the purpose of working with children 
  • Notify the Department of Justice that Korus Connect is their employer for the purpose of their WWCC 
  • Sign an employment agreement which agrees to the suspension of employment if any of the above child safety policies/codes of conduct are breached 
  • Complete an induction with their Regional Community Manager who will take them through the child safety policies 
  • Complete Orientation Training within the first couple of months of commencing which reviews Korus Connect's child safety policies. 


Ongoing Management
All chaplains throughout their employment are required to: 
  • Provide a new NPRC every two years  
  • Update their WWCC every 5 years 
  • Promote the rights, safety, cultural safety and wellbeing of children 
  • Attend annual mandatory child safety training  
  • Successfully complete the Department of Education (VIC) Mandatory Reporting and E-Safety modules each year  
  • Attend regular professional supervision (once a term) to remain accountable for their decision-making and safe outcomes of all children 
  • Submit monthly reports which details the diverse needs of the children and families they care for and how these needs are met (e.g. pastoral care, programs, referrals and mandatory reporting etc.) 
  • Uphold Korus Connect's commitment to child safety and adhere to the Code of Conduct, Child Safety Code of Conduct and Child Safety Policies.   
Korus Connect throughout a chaplain’s employment will: 
  • Conduct weekly status checks of a chaplain's WWCC via the Department of Justice website to ensure it is still valid 
  • Provide stringent reminders to chaplains regarding the renewal of their NPRC and WWCC (renewals not received by the due date result in worker being placed on leave without pay until their new check is received) 
  • Champion child safety and create a culture where the safety of children is promoted, child abuse is prevented and allegations of child abuse is taken seriously and acted on 
  • Ensure child safety policies are available via the Chaplain Lounge at all times 
  • Make chaplains aware of any updates to the child safety policies 
  • Conduct chaplain annual performance appraisals which contains a question about how they are upholding the child safety standards and also involves asking the Principal if they have any concerns regarding the chaplain's interactions with children or of their suitability to work with children and young people
  • Follow Korus Connect's child safety complaints handling policy and reporting obligations if a complaint or concern is raised regarding a chaplain.  

If you wish to raise a concern or lodge a complaint, please contact the Child safety officer at 0481 585 995 during school hours or email Please provide as much detail as possible to assist our investigation. 

A complaint concerning the CEO can be made to the Chair of the Board of Directors at the email address of

Who can make a complaint?

A report can be made by anyone, including a: 

  • Child  
  • Parent or carer 
  • Employee or volunteer  
  • School Principal 
  • Community member.  
What can be reported?

Call 000 if a child is in immediate danger.  

Any concerns or complaints may be reported, including: 

  • Korus Connect’s services or dealings with individuals 
  • A breach of Korus Connect’s Code of Conduct and Child Safe Code of Conduct 
  • Allegations of abuse or misconduct by an employee, volunteer or another individual associated with Korus Connect 
  • Disclosure of abuse or harm made by a child 
  • The inadequate handling of a prior concern  
  • General concerns about the safety of a group of children or activity.  
How can a report be made?

Korus Connect may receive complaints from various communication channels including but not limited to:  

  • Face-to-face verbal report  
  • Letter 
  • Email 
  • Telephone call 
  • Text message  
  • Meeting  
  • Email via the website.
Who can a report be made to?

All Korus Connect Head Office employees are trained to receive child safety complaints and will forward the complaint to the Child Safety Officer at or call at 0481 585 995

What happens next?

The Manager dealing with the complaint will: 

  • Offer support to the child, the parents or carers, the person who reports and the accused employee or volunteer 
  • Initiate internal processes to ensure the safety of all children including an alleged victim, clarify the nature of the complaint and commence investigation and disciplinary process  
  • Decide, in accordance with legal requirements and duty of care, whether the matter should/must be reported to the Police, Child Protection and/or the CCYP1 and make the report as soon as possible if required 
  • Wait for clearance from authorities before starting an investigation.

Once the investigation has been completed an outcome will be decided. The relevant child, parent, carer, employee and/or volunteer will be notified of the outcome of the investigation. Where appropriate, disciplinary action will be taken against the employee and/or volunteer. Korus Connect will then review its risk management plans, policies and procedures and update where necessary.   

Other Places to Get Help

If you are concerned about the impact on yourself or your child, you may wish to contact one of the services below. 

Life Line or phone 13 11 14 

Beyond Blue or phone 1300 22 4636 

Kids Helpline or phone 1800 55 1800

Headspace or phone 1800 650 890