Helping build school communities that are connected, supported and whole

Special Religious Instruction

In Christian Special Religious Instruction (SRI), children connect to the beliefs, values and stories of Christianity helping them make positive life choices. SRI offers meaning, purpose and hope in a busy and confusing world.

SRI helps build school communities that are connected, supported and whole.

SRI gives students an understanding of the values, stories and beliefs of the Christian faith.

SRI helps students understand God, life and relationships from a Christian perspective.

SRI supports students' wellbeing needs.

About Christian SRI

Is your child benefitting from SRI? Christian SRI is a 30-minute session during lunchtime, before or after school, providing content and activities that help students make positive life choices. SRI support a child's overall wellbeing including their spiritual development, so important for life and learning.

For an overview of the SRI Christianity materials used in Victorian Government Primary Schools, click here.

SRI helps to build school communities that are connected, supported and whole. Does your school offer Christian SRI? Ask them for a Parent Consent Form today. Email with the school details so we can do our best to provide volunteers to run the program.

Do you want to help build connected, supported and whole communities through SRI? Korus Connect offers the sessions in Victorian schools and assesses, trains, accredits and supports Christian volunteers to provide a safe and engaging learning environment. Email if you are an active member of a Christian church and would like to find out more about becoming an SRI Instructor.

SRI supports students spiritual wellbeing needs by giving children the opportunity to:
Learn how to connect with others in our multifaith society
Explore the Christian faith in a safe and supportive environment
Develop resilience, empathy, compassion and kindness for themselves and others through the stories and beliefs of the Christian faith.
Develop language and concepts to express and understand their spiritual experiences, from a Christian perspective.
Nurture their desire to make a difference in the world.
Develop meaning, purpose and hope, not based on success, experience or achievement, but based on something external to themselves.

A grade 3 student who recently commenced SRI said to me, “Tuesday is my favourite day because I have SRI."

SRI is good for students. SRI helps build communities that are connected, supported and whole.

We no longer supply resources to schools outside Victoria.

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