Foundations for life

Special Religious Instruction

In Christian SRI, children learn about the beliefs, values and stories of Christianity; words and concepts that will help them build a strong foundation for life; learn to be able to put those values into action through activities; and learn that life can be full of meaning, purpose and hope.

SRI gives children a foundational understanding of the values, stories and beliefs of the Christian faith.

About Christian SRI

Christian SRI is a 30-minute session during lunchtime, before or after school, providing content and activities that support a child's spiritual development, which is important to their overall wellbeing. It also provides children with an additional adult role model for positive sociable behaviours.

Korus Connect offers the sessions in Victorian schools and assesses, trains, accredits and supports Christian volunteers to provide a safe and engaging learning environment.

SRI gives children the opportunity to:
Interact with other children in a multi-age, fun setting
Explore the Christian faith in a safe and supportive environment
Hear stories and beliefs which help to develop empathy, compassion and kindness for themselves and others
Be supported in their wondering about the world
Nurture their desire to make a difference in the world.

A grade 3 student who recently commenced SRI said to me, “Tuesday is my favourite day because I have SRI."

SRI is good for students. It is good for community flourishing.
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We do not supply resources to schools outside Victoria.

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If you're interested in volunteering to become an SRI Instructor in Victoria, please click here.