Our Principles

Seven underpinning principles

Korus Connect's seven underpinning principles guide our work and culture.

Our Underpinning Principles
  • 01
    Authentic relationships are at the core of all we do

    Korus Connect acknowledges that at the very core of every individual is the need for meaningful connection and relationship with others. Intentionally nurturing authentic and long-term relationships with all stakeholders needs to be the bedrock of any initiative to foster thriving communities.

  • 02
    Collaborative alliances are crucial to bring about lasting community change

    Korus Connect acknowledges that there is strength in unity. Collaborative partnerships are the most effective way to impact local communities and instigate transformational change. Forming local partnership alliances with like-minded individuals, groups and organisations will ensure that initiatives are appropriately resourced, draw on relevant expertise and are driven by the local context.

  • 03
    Every individual and community is unique

    Korus Connect recognises that every individual and community is unique in their context, and respects the needs, strengths and talents members of that community have to contribute. Any initiatives therefore need to be tailored to that uniqueness.

  • 04
    Communities need to be equipped, empowered and released to bring about change

    Korus Connect identifies that local people need to be the catalyst for bringing about meaningful and lasting change in their own community. Initiatives need to focus on developing existing assets and supporting gifted and talented people to be released as change-makers in their own community.

  • 05
    Meeting a person’s wellbeing needs is fundamental for them to thrive

    Korus Connect understands that an individual’s wellbeing is crucial for them to fully engage and participate in society. Any wellbeing supports offered to individuals must be bespoke and holistic to meet individual need and develop resiliency.

  • 06
    People thrive in a community where they belong, have purpose and can contribute positively

    Korus Connect believes that for people to connect with their community, they need to form attachment through a distinct sense of purpose in their community. At a local level, programs should foster community service principles that draw on the unique talents of people for the benefit of the wider community.

  • 07
    Strong families form the very foundation of thriving communities

    Korus Connect endorses the need for strong and stable families. Programs supporting the development of diverse and robust family units should be central to holistic community development initiatives.