Who we are

The Korus Connect Story

Our story began with a vision to help create communities that are connected, supported and whole. It's a story of collaboration, connection and conversation.

Our Journey
A vision for community

The Korus Connect vision is one of supported communities with thriving people—engaged in their local area, collaborating with one another and concerned for the welfare of their neighbours. We desire to see communities that are connected, supported and whole.

‘Korus’ is a union of the Greek word khora—which means space, and ‘chorus’—which refers to the harmony and wholeness that comes from connection. ‘Korus’ speaks of a space for people to unite, join together, and be supported and inspired.

Our Philosophy

Partnering for Community

Today we see communities where disconnection, loneliness, a lack of purpose and meaning and a lack of belonging are prevalent.

But we also see the positive efforts of many providing support in different settings.

We believe that, under God, real and lasting change in communities is possible through collaboration. That's why we strive to collaborate with and foster connections between the government, churches, community organisations and public services.

We work with others to help build communities that are connected, supported and whole.

Our Statement of Belief

Korus Connect Affirms

  1. 01Faith

    Its faith in God, as One-in-Three-Persons, whose redemptive purpose for the world is revealed in the Person of Jesus Christ.

  2. 02Christ

    That the Lord Jesus Christ proclaimed in word and deed the presence of the Kingdom of God through mission to the world—a calling of people to repentance and declaration of God’s love in practical ministry to others by enabling reconciliation, peace, wholeness and justice.

  3. 03Being

    God’s concern for the whole person in context of their being in relation with others and the world, and that God is concerned that justice and mercy form the hallmarks of society.

  4. 04Presence

    The redemptive presence of God in the world, and Korus Connect.

  5. 05Needs

    That Christian tradition recognises the educative and pastoral needs of people and that these needs are to be respectfully and educationally addressed.

Korus Connect Is

Korus Connect is an ecumenical body committed to the basic doctrines of the Christian faith drawn from the Old and New Testament Scriptures. It is committed to the ecumenical Apostles' and Nicene creeds.

Korus Connect is a trading name of The Council for Christian Education in Schools (CCES).

CCES was established in 1945 as a collaboration between 12 church denominations or movements to oversee the provision of Christian Religious Instruction and later chaplaincy in government schools. These representative churches were: Anglican Church, Australian Christian Churches, Baptist Union, Christian Brethren Fellowships of Victoria, Christian Reformed Churches, Churches of Christ in Australia, CRC International, Lutheran Church, Presbyterian Church, Salvation Army, Uniting Church and Wesleyan Methodist Church.

Korus Connect continues to draw upon the people, wisdom and support of church denominations and movements for its Board members, staff and volunteers. We thank all our foundational church denominations plus those additional church movements and denominations who value the work that we do for, and on behalf of, the Christian churches and Christian Faith in our spheres of influence. Together, we partner for community.

Our Purpose

We are a Christian not-for-profit organisation whose purpose is to serve local communities, helping to connect people with their purpose and full potential. Our heart is to see people inspired, supported and whole.

Our Vision

To see vibrant and connected communities where individuals and families are thriving.

Our Mission

To create transformational and collaborative movements of individuals and organisations who are passionate about fostering communities of hope, where people feel whole and connected.

Our Culture & Values
  • 01

    We seek to favour all people regardless of their past, present or future, considering all decisions and experiences as an opportunity to learn and grow.

  • 02

    Our culture and work is underpinned by the premise that everyone is worthy of respect— recognising that a person’s value and worth is not based on performance or behaviour, but rather on the intrinsic value that God places on every human being.

  • 03

    We strive to be authentic in all that we do, being consistent in word and deed and always giving an honest and true representation of who we are individually and corporately.

  • 04

    We are committed to seeing and experiencing joy in all we do, to sharing that joy with others and journeying with people through all situations, recognising that circumstances do not have to determine experience.

  • 05
    Servant Heart

    Our heart is to serve the needs of others above our own, recognising that selfless living has the power to bring about real transformation.

  • 06

    We are open, honest and accountable in all we do. We are committed to transparent relationships, building trust and operating according to biblical morality and the law of the land.

  • 07
    Professionalism / Excellence

    We recognise that excellence is a journey, not a destination. Therefore, we are committed to continuous improvement based on learning and reflection and to providing all stakeholders with an exceptional experience.

  • 08

    We cooperate, collaborate and co-create to achieve our shared vision, acknowledging the unique gifts and talents of every individual and the crucial role they play in the diversity of our work.

Child Safety
Commitment to Child Safety

All children who are, or may come, under the care, supervision or authority of Korus Connect have a right to be heard, be respected and to feel and be safe. We are committed to the safety and wellbeing of all children and their welfare will always be our first priority. We have zero tolerance of child abuse.

Commitment to the Cultural Safety of Aboriginal children

(Please note that the reference to ‘Aboriginal’ includes Torres Strait Islander people)

Korus Connect is committed to acknowledging and respecting Aboriginal people and their culture. We will always welcome and include Aboriginal children, families and communities with dignity, safety, equity and respect. Korus Connect will uphold the rights of Aboriginal children, including their right to cultural safety and expression of their culture. Underpinned by our organisational purpose, we desire to create culturally safe opportunities where Aboriginal children are inspired, supported and whole. We have zero tolerance of racism.