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Community Connectors

Community connectors help build communities that are connected, supported and whole: whether it's a shopping centre, aged care facility or community hub. Community connectors are a point of connection between local churches, businesses, welfare services and their local community. But more importantly, they're someone who walks alongside the people they meet - offering new connections for the lonely, comfort for the weary, advice for the wondering and hope for those who need some.

Community connectors support wellbeing.

Community Connector Vacancies

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About Community Connectors

Korus Connect helps build communities that are connected, supported and whole. Korus Connect works in collaboration with local community groups who are passionate about people and seek to initiate positive change in their local community. In partnership with them, Korus Connect recruits, trains and deploys community connectors into local community hubs to act as conduits for engagement and transformation.

Operating out of shopping centres, aged care facilities, schools and a range of other community hubs, community connectors acknowledge the inherent value of every person. Underpinned by the values, beliefs and principles of Korus Connect, community connectors are qualified to support spiritual wellbeing, mental health, social, emotional and physical needs. Community connectors are trained to identify and work with those at risk and to work collaboratively with other organisations in order to offer a holistic response to community needs.

As community connectors, providing pastoral care and building bridges of support are key responsibilities. They both walk alongside people and help connect them into other community organisations, groups, and external support and welfare agencies.

A taster of the findings:

Community members who are regularly engaged with at least one community connector activity have 29% higher wellbeing than those who do not have any involvement with the initiative.

Journeying with Your Community

Community connectors don't have all the answers. What they do have is an ability to build trust and journey with individuals, connecting them into local professional supports and community networks.. They also work in a child-safe way.

By helping to identify specific community needs, connectors work with community groups to develop and facilitate activities, such as café meetings, sporting activities and existing church programs to better engage the community and address the challenges associated with social disconnection. They help build communities that are connected, supported and whole.

Community Connectors are skilled and experienced in—
Welfare Support
Multi-Cultural Care Responses
Unbiased Gender/Sexual Orientation Care Responses
Risk Identification and Prevention
Mental Health Support
Family Breakdown Support
Bereavement, and Grief and Loss Support
Crisis Care
Psychological First Aid
Suicide Prevention
Building Resilience
Accessing Services
Pastoral Care
Spiritual Wellbeing
Community Engagement
More Information

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