Responding to local needs

Community Connectors

We work with local community groups to place Community Connectors in settings such as shopping centres, community hubs and aged care facilities. They work alongside local churches, businesses and welfare services to provide pastoral care, and create opportunities for community groups to respond collaboratively to local needs.

The Community Connector’s role is to provide holistic care to individuals, families and the broader community.

About Community Connectors

Korus Connect employs Community Connectors who are both qualified and dedicated to the welfare of people, their families and the wider community. They operate out of shopping centres, aged care facilities and a range of other community hubs.

We support and place Community Connectors from a variety of backgrounds and ages, and seek to engage staff who are local to their community placement and have existing established relationships within the local community.

They offer advice on important issues such as spirituality, ethics, values and personal matters, as well as facilitating connection to community organisations, local businesses, and external support and welfare agencies. They are qualified in providing such support and are trained to engage with people in diverse social contexts in order to identify those at risk, while building bridges of support.

Our Community Connectors are also providing community groups including local churches, opportunities to heighten engagement through facilitated programs, such as café meetings, sporting activities and connection into existing church programs.

Journeying with Your Community

As highly trained professionals, Community Connectors do not provide all the answers. Yet through building trust and positive relationships, they are able to both journey with individuals and connect them into relevant aspects of local support and community networks—ensuring that these connections are sustainable and work effectively.

Additionally, Community Connectors are able to assist in identifying needs within specific community contexts, leading to the development and facilitation of community engagement programs tailored to address those needs.

Community Connectors are skilled and experienced in—
Welfare Support
Multi-Cultural, Multi-Faith Care Responses
Unbiased Gender/Sexual Orientation Care Responses
Risk Identification and Prevention
Mental Health Support
Family Breakdown Support
Bereavement, and Grief and Loss Support
Crisis Care
Psychological First Aid
Suicide Prevention
Building Resilience
Accessing Services
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