For Churches

Energise Community Impact

Church leaders are telling us that they are seeking a way back from isolation to community, from exile to fruitfulness.

The Journey

Korus Connect offers you and your church a clear pathway back.

We invite your church on a twelve month training and mentoring journey, to foster wellbeing and energise your community impact.

The seeds of God’s preferred future for your community are already growing within your church.

Dawn Penney, CEO, Korus Connect

Education & Training Areas

What to Expect
1. Community Impact Assessment

We come to your church to listen, review, evaluate and develop a unique community impact plan with you. This includes a training and mentoring plan. Rather than a one size fits all ‘church only’ focussed mission plan, we work with you as co-designers of your plan.

2. Community Impact Training

We give recognition to your current skills then progress your capability for community impact through an intentional co-learning journey. We blend a variety of content-rich live and online training events throughout the year with experienced facilitators tailoring the training program to meet your unique needs.

3. Community Impact Mentoring

Two free mentoring sessions for lead pastors and church planting leaders are included in the package; further sessions by negotiation.

4. Community Impact Resources

Your whole congregation or church planting team will have continuous ongoing access (beyond the 12 month program) to online resources and immersion experiences.

Foster wellbeing and energise your community impact.

Cost: $5,000 (plus GST) per congregation or church planting team.

Find out more:

Enquiries: Dean Eaton, Director of Community Impact
M: 0498 318 095

Meet the Community Impact Facilitators

You will be guided by an international team of highly experienced facilitators who have revitalised and planted churches, birthed national missional movements and fostered community transformation across many cultures.

JR Woodward

(PhD, University of Manchester, UK) over 25 years has planted multiple churches throughout the USA. He co-founded the Missio Alliance, Praxis Gathering, the Solis Foundation and Kairos LA. He currently serves as the National Director for the V3 Church Planting Movement. He is the author of Creating a Missional Culture (IVP, 2012) and co-author of The Church as Movement (IVP, 2016).

Rev Dean Eaton

(Korus Connect, Director of Community Impact) has forty years of experience as a Pastor, Church Planter, Academic and Missional Consultant. He served for a decade birthing a new movement in church planting for the Lutheran Church of Australia and New Zealand. He was Principal of Tabor Adelaide. Across Australia and Japan he has planted twenty-one churches. He is the author of Sent: Seeking the Orphans of God (LCA, 2016) and co-author of Lighthouses Christian Coaching in a Post-Christian World (LCA, 2018).

Rev Dr Andrew Menzies

is an outstanding CEO, Pastor and Academic. He was Principal at Stirling College and served as Deputy Chancellor of the University of Divinity. He currently serves as Senior Pastor of Mitcham Baptist Church. His Doctor of Ministry focussed on Missional Leadership (Fuller Theological Seminary). He is the co-author of Kingdom Communities (Wipf & Stock, 2019).

About Korus Connect

Korus Connect serves local communities.

Our mission is to create transformational and collaborative movements of individuals and organisations who are passionate about fostering communities of hope, where people feel whole and connected.

We are the Council for Christian Education in Schools which was formed more than 75 years ago by the 12 member churches to impact their local communities through religious instruction, and later, pastoral care. We continue to help build communities that are connected, supported and whole.

A recent evaluation of our Community Connector initiative (Huber Social, 2021) found that regular participants enjoy a 29% higher level of wellbeing than non-participants.