Pastoral care to schools

School Chaplaincy

Providing Chaplaincy services to offer comprehensive pastoral care to school communities across Victoria and New South Wales.

Korus Connect is the largest employer of Chaplains in Victoria. Currently, we operate more than 270 Chaplaincy and Wellbeing programs in schools across Victoria and New South Wales, offering pastoral care to more than 160,000 young people, school staff and their communities.

About School Chaplaincy

We work in partnership with schools to provide a tailored service that meets the four dimensions of psychosocial health. Korus Connect supports the unique mental, social, spiritual and emotional needs of the school community. We provide extensive training, networking and care for our Chaplains, as well as comprehensive school support to deliver a smooth and stress-free service.

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Chaplains work collaboratively with other wellbeing and allied health professionals, such as psychologists, social workers, counsellors and nurses, to provide a holistic and complementary care model. Chaplains are often viewed as the gateway to important community services.

As a key member of a school’s wellbeing team, Chaplains cultivate an environment that is conducive to improved student wellbeing, parental engagement, educational attainment and staff satisfaction.

School Chaplains provide a continuum of pastoral care across all areas of wellbeing, journeying with the school community through meaningful relationships. Chaplains also specialise in providing advice of a spiritual nature when sought, and in nurturing the spiritual wellbeing of every child, regardless of the child’s background or beliefs.

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