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School Chaplaincy

Korus Connect chaplains provide wraparound wellbeing support to students, staff and parents. Their training, skills and experience enable them to care for your school community's social, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing needs.

Engage a Korus Connect chaplain and experience the difference a Korus Connect chaplain can make in your school.

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We support the school as well as the chaplain. This means a stress-free service for the school.

Journey School chaplains journey with the school community through meaningful relationships, providing proactive, preventative and early intervention support (PPEI) to all within the school setting.  As workers employed by a third party, they provide an independent listening ear to all those with whom they interact.

As people of faith, they are also able to provide advice of a spiritual nature when sought, and nurture the holistic wellbeing of every child, sensitive to the child’s background or beliefs. Nurturing spiritual wellbeing includes the support and exploration of such concepts as identity, connection with others, resilience, meaning, purpose and belonging; all so critical to wellbeing.  Chaplains are there to provide wraparound support to the school community over the long haul. See these national and Victorian snapshots to show how they do this.

Experience Korus Connect has 60+ years supporting school communities through chaplaincy. The wellbeing of your school community matters to us. We help you build school communities that are connected, supported and whole. Download our brochure to read more.

Support We offer extensive training, networking and care for our chaplains, so that they are able to provide the best support to your school community. We also offer comprehensive school support to deliver a smooth and stress-free service.

Backed by Research
Research by the University of Western Australia (UWA) indicated the significant impact that chaplains have across all the area of a student's wellbeing. The research used 'The NEST' framework as created by the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth. In each of these areas, the work of a chaplain made a positive difference: 1. Valued, loved and safe 87%. 2. Material basics 76%. 3. Healthy 78%. 4. Learning 69%. 5. Participating 81%. 6. Positive sense of identity and culture 75%.

As people with lived experience of faith and spirituality, chaplains are uniquely placed to support spiritual wellbeing, a critical component of having a positive sense of identity and culture. When all these needs are being met, we will have happy, healthy young people who are ready to take their place in the world. The skills, training and care of chaplains, utilising their extensive community connections, lead to these significant outcomes. See also the DET review of resilience literature here.
Independent research commissioned by government validates the significant role that chaplains play in a school community. Read that research here.

Your school community can also benefit from a chaplain; providing additional proactive, preventative and early intervention support (PPEI) as part of your wellbeing team.
We help you achieve a holistic wellbeing focus.

Is your school benefitting from the Korus Connect difference? Contact us today: impact@korusconnect.org.au or (03) 9811 0999.

'I was particularly excited to hear that there is now chaplaincy support available at [this school] and in my few exchanges to date with [the chaplain], it is quite apparent that he is exceptional at what he does.' Acting Principal

Read more about the impact chaplains are making here.

School Chaplain Vacancies

Are you ready to make a positive impact in a school community? If you'd like to know more about becoming a Korus Connect school chaplain in Victoria click here.

We believe in wraparound, holistic pastoral care - which is why school chaplains work collaboratively with other wellbeing and allied health professionals, such as psychologists, social workers, counsellors and nurses. Chaplains focus on the proactive, preventative and early intervention stages of care. Together, the impact on wellbeing is magnified.

Is your school community benefitting from a Korus Connect Chaplain? A Korus Connect chaplain helps you build a school community that is connected, supported and whole.

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