An extra layer of wellbeing care

School Chaplaincy

[During this COVID-19 period], 'I have been able to provide effective, and valued pastoral care, remotely. I have been encouraged by the parents I have rung each week, as they share their hearts and thoughts and thank me for their valued weekly check ins'. Chaplains are there for the long haul for parents, staff and students.

School Chaplains support the unique mental, social, spiritual and emotional needs of the school community; they provide holistic care. They help you build school communities that are connected, supported and whole.

School Chaplain Vacancies

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The Korus Connect Difference

We support the school as well as the Chaplain. This means a stress-free service for the school.

Journey School Chaplains journey with the school community through meaningful relationships, specialising in providing advice of a spiritual nature when sought, and in nurturing the spiritual wellbeing of every child, regardless of the child’s background or beliefs. Nurturing spiritual wellbeing includes the support and exploration of such concepts as identity, connection with others, meaning, purpose and belonging. Chaplains are there to support the school community over the long haul.

Experience Korus Connect has 60+ years supporting school communities through Chaplaincy. We help you build school communities that are connected, supported and whole.

Support Just as School Chaplains care for others, we're just as concerned for our caregivers. We offer extensive training, networking and care for our Chaplains, as well as comprehensive school support to deliver a smooth and stress-free service.

Holistic Care Includes Spiritual Care

Recent research by McCrindle (2019) indicated that 97% of parents believe schools should have a holistic focus and play some role in the management of student wellbeing. A holistic focus means attending to the four dimensions of wellbeing: mental, emotional, social and spiritual. We offer a less than holistic care when we neglect any one of these areas of wellbeing. Chaplains, as religious practitioners, are best placed to attend to the spiritual care of school communities.

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'Schools are a community hub for students, parents and teachers' (McCrindle, 2020).
Chaplains help you build this hub.

Read more about the impact Chaplains are making here.

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We believe in wraparound, holistic pastoral care - which is why School Chaplains work collaboratively with other wellbeing and allied health professionals, such as psychologists, social workers, counsellors and nurses. Together, the impact on wellbeing is magnified.

Is your school community benefitting from a Korus Connect Chaplain? A Korus Connect Chaplain helps you build a school community that is connected, supported and whole.

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