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You want to support your community but feel you need to be equipped? See below for some ways in which we can help you become better equipped through our various Education & Training pathways.

Education & Training equips volunteers and professionals to fulfill a diverse range of roles within their local communities.

Education & Training Areas

About Education & Training

Korus Connect partners with other ministry and training organisations in providing ongoing professional development and formal training to support volunteers and professionals in the local community.

Learning opportunities are scaffolded to allow a person, if they choose, to progress from being a volunteer representing the local community to fulfilling a specific community role.

Providing people with the skills and know-how to prepare them for community work is important, but developing the whole person for this work is critical. That's why spiritual formation and the Korus Connect philosophical framework underpins all Education & Training offerings.

Upcoming Professional Learning Modules
Holistic Care see workshop dates below

Learning how to respond appropriately to the needs of people facing a crisis or trauma related to mental health issues, depression, substance abuse and suicide ideation, is a significant need for people working in school, community and church-based settings. This course introduces you to the required knowledge, skills and self-care strategies.

This course consists of six online modules +three Face-to-Face workshops.

Workshop 1: Thursday 20 April 2023

1.     Mental Health Response

2.     Trauma-Informed Care and Substance Abuse

Workshop 2:Thursday 6 July 2023

3.     Holistic Care of Self and Others

4.     Strengths and Values Based Approach

Workshop 3: Thursday 28 September 2023

5.     Grief and Loss

6.     Responding to Crisis

Working with Other Cultures: Workshops on Wednesday 19 April 2023 or Monday 25 September 2023

This module addresses our multicultural reality, and will help you to better understand other faiths and views.  It will also help you to engage authentically and respectfully with people from backgrounds and cultures different to your own. We will explore the complexity of culture and examine cultural competence.

Course delivery mode: One online module + an optional additional 1 hour online workshop.

Diversity and Equity: Tuesday 26 September 2023

Diversity in Schools, the community and in the work place is fundamental to social, economic, and psychological well-being. Although there are legal frameworks around many aspects of diversity and inclusion, we all play a huge role in improving it for everyone. This course guides the individual around diversity, inclusion, and unfair discrimination and provides an opportunity to evaluate your communities approach to diversity and inclusion.

Course delivery mode: One online module + an optional additional 1 hour online workshop.

Theological Reflection: Workshops on Monday 3 July 2023 or Wednesday 27 September 2023

This module explores the way our experience, faith and reading of Scripture interact with the beliefs we form and the way we serve others.

Course delivery mode: One online module + an optional additional 1 hour online workshop.

Accredited Training

Vocational Chaplaincy Skills will equip you to serve in community and school settings in pastoral care and Chaplaincy roles.

This training will help you "get chaplaincy ready." It provides the knowledge and skills to build relationships, act legally and ethically, and provide pastoral care with an understanding of mental health issues and referral skills. It aims to give you the confidence to support others holistically, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Offered by an accredited RTO in partnership with Korus Connect, this training provides successful candidates with statements of attainment in the units CHCCCS016 Respond to client needs and CHCMHS001 Work with people with mental health issues.

If you are interested in the next session of this training please contact us and register your interest.

Contact us via email to enquire at training@korusconnect.org.au

Energise Community Impact
Volunteer Training

School Ready Training will equip church and community volunteers to serve safely and effectively in schools.

Designed to provide you with a purpose and rationale for schools-based service, you will gain a stronger understanding of the school context and the unique contribution you can make to your local school community. In order to provide the most appropriate and effective support, you need to be 'school ready' with a knowledge of Department of Education and Training (DET) school policies, guidelines and legislation.

This training also supports churches and community groups in managing risk and compliance by protecting volunteers, the church and the local school.

Community Ready Training equips church and community volunteers to serve safely and collaboratively in their community.

Like the 'School Ready' program, this training supports churches and community groups in managing risk and compliance by protecting volunteers, the church and the local school.

Special Religious Instruction (SRI) Training accredits volunteers to serve in schools through providing SRI.

The training introduces you to the school context and gives a clear understanding of the contribution you can make to your school community. Building effective relationships, running an SRI session and facilitating games are some of the topics covered. SRI program materials are provided, as is training in all relevant DET school policies, guidelines and legislation.

Next session: Tuesday 21 November 2023. Note this includes some online pre-work prior to the 2 hr workshop.
Please contact us and register your interest.

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