The power of collaboration

Korus Solutions

Releasing and empowering community-based operations, not-for-profit enterprises, and commercial organisations to fulfill their vision by providing back-end support solutions and increasing access to specialist professional services.

At its heart, Korus Solutions exists to serve aligned not-for-profits, churches, community groups, local services and corporations to collaboratively support communities.

About Korus Solutions

We value the enormous efforts of many organisations and individuals who currently provide support services in so many settings.

Through partnering with the corporate and not-for-profit sectors, Korus Solutions exists to assist community-based operations, churches, not-for-profit enterprises and commercial organisations to achieve the following outcomes:

Not-For-Profit and Community Organisations
  • Reduced administrative burden
  • Reduced risks for non-compliance across multiple areas
  • Increased access to specialist professional services
  • Enhanced operational sustainability
  • Enhanced core-business delivery
Commercial and Corporate Partner Organisations
  • Measurable corporate and social responsibility inputs and outcomes
  • Practical and direct engagement for corporate employees, with on-the-ground community support and transformation initiatives
  • Sharing of ideas and opportunities within the Solutions network
  • Actual fees for service within the proposed expert partner service delivery model

All participants benefit from a supportive and entrepreneurial culture that fosters continuous innovation in positive, collaborative community transformation.

Korus Solutions commences by undertaking an initial organisational audit to understand and identify existing needs within an organisation. By developing an understanding of each organisation's requirements within the framework of mission, vision and purpose, we seek to provide solutions that enable them to navigate the increasingly complex operating environment being faced by not-for-profits, churches and community groups.

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For further information, please contact our Development Manager, Richard Kolega, on 0420 353 341 or email