Korus Connect works with individuals, groups and organisations to help communities become more connected, supported and whole.

Korus Connect chaplains, SRI volunteers and community connectors bring their faith perspective to the conversations and issues they address.

Your gift enables them to continue to impact the lives of others.

Helping Angela, Aisha and Timaeus Thrive

Your generosity is helping adults and students to thrive.

You are helping Mums like Angela* cope better with life. Angela had just bought some lunch for her daughter but it fell on the floor. It was a financial stretch to buy this and now it was wasted. Our community connector Jenny felt her frustration and pain. Jenny arranged a replacement. Once the daughter was playing happily, Jenny was able to connect with Angela. Angela disclosed that she was struggling with post-natal challenges. Sharing this with Jenny made the load lighter. Thank you for enabling this gift to be shared.

You are also helping students like Aisha* and Timaeus* to participate in SRI. Their school had not had SRI for years. Their parents wanted them to attend SRI, but we did not have an SRI instructor. Now that has changed - thanks to your generosity, as well as the generosity of the SRI instructor who has commenced at their school.

Thank you for helping people like Angela, Aisha and Timaeus to thrive.

*not their real names

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