Child Safety — For Children

When we choose people to work with Korus Connect, we make sure that they are trained and would work well with children and young people. They all need a Working with Children Check and school and community workers also need a Police Records Check. These checks help us know that they are safe to work with children and young people.  

If you have been helped by a Korus Connect chaplain, community connector or SRI instructor it would be great if you could tell us a bit more. Why not email us at  and tell us how they helped you? 

If you have a complaint against your chaplain, community connector or SRI instructor because of something they did or said that upset you, please let us know.  

Click here (link to child safety email address) to send us an email about how you have been hurt by a Korus Connect worker.   

You can also phone or text our Child Safety Officer on xxxxxx during school hours if that is easier for you.  

Telling us where this happened (for example, the name of your school) and when (for example ‘yesterday’ or ‘22 June’), will help us keep everyone safe.  

All people that work for Korus Connect have a Working With Children Check.
Some people (like a school chaplain) have other checks such as a Police Record Check.
These help to make our people safe.

Employees and volunteers must follow a set of rules about their behaviour so they act and behave safely with children and young people.

It is called a Child Safety Code of Conduct.

Our employees and volunteers learn about child safety and how to keep children and young people safe.

We will always listen to you if you have something to say about Korus Connect, our policies and procedures or one of our employees or volunteers.

Other places to get help

Here are some other links that may be helpful to you: 

Kids Helpline or phone 1800 55 1800 

headspace or phone 1800 650 890 

Beyond Blue or phone 1300 22 4636