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Time for kindness!

For most of you, Term 3 again means learning at home. The uncertainty is creating much stress and fear. For Christians, they have a source of hope and certainty that is outside of what is happening in the world around them. They know from the Bible and from their own experience, that God is reliable, that He does not change and that He is in control.

Again this term, as parents of students who have given consent for your children to participate in SRI, can continue to access SRI content. Choose the content, based on the school level of your child/children : Lower Primary - Foundation to Year 3, Upper Primary - Year 4-Year 6. We would love to hear your feedback on this material. Please email us at . By hearing your feedback, we will know that this is worthwhile.

This week, why not think about what are we thankful to God for and how we decide what to do and what is right?

Lower Primary Students

What are you thankful for? Who are you saying thanks to? Does it include God? Christians believe that everything good comes from God.

One of the things the Bible teaches Christians, is to be thankful, and to be thankful to God for all the good things that He gives us. What can you thank God for today? Your health? your family? Your home? Your food? I am sure there are many other things you are thankful for!

Saying thank you to someone is one way that we can show that we love them.

Jesus told a story to help Christians understand how to show that that they are thankful to God.

The following is a retelling of the Bible story from Luke 17: 11-19.

Expressing Gratitude

Jesus and His disciples were travelling to Jerusalem near the border of Samaria and Galilee. As they approached a village ten men who had a severe skin condition called leprosy came towards Jesus. They were not able to come very close because of their infectious condition. They called loudly to Jesus asking Him to have pity on them. Jesus looked at them and instructed them to take themselves to the priests. This is what people did in those times to be declared clean and free from their condition.

The ten men did as Jesus told them and on their way to see the priest they realised they were healed! One of the men, when he discovered he was healed, came back shouting praises to God. He bowed down and gave Jesus a heartfelt thank you. This man was from Samaria, which was across the border.

Jesus wondered aloud that only one of the ten men healed had returned to thank God. Jesus pointed out that it had been a man from another country with different religious beliefs that had given his thanks to God.

Jesus turned to the man again and told him that he could get up and go; his faith had made him well.

Who said thanks?

Who did they say thanks to?

Do you have a Bible or Children's Bible at home? Some people now read the Bible on a Bible app on their phones or tablet.

What are you thankful for? Why not write or draw about these on a piece of paper? You could also make some of these things out of playdough.

Time to reflect

We know that many people are feeling anxious at the moment. What is making you feel anxious?

For Christians, they don't need to be afraid of what is happening at the moment, or at any time, because they know that God is with them and knows what is happening to them. They need to be sensible, they need to be careful, but they don't need to be scared. This is a song that talks about God being with people, as understood by Christians.

 Upper Primary Students

This week, why not think about how we decide what to do and what is right?

As you live each day, how do you decide how to treat others and how to view yourself? How do you decide what is right and what is wrong?

For Christians, God gives guidance on a lot of these things. The Bible teaches Christians that God wants His followers to love God and love others and for this to guide how they treat themselves and others.

God gave a list of ten specific ways to show love for God and others. These are called the Ten Commandments.

Why not watch an SRI session about this? It can be found here. Afterwards, you can complete a worksheet about this topic.

Overview of SRI materials for SRI Christianity

Below is an overview of the SRI Christianity materials used in Victorian Government Primary Schools.

In these materials, the students are introduced to Christian belief in relation to the follow themes:

Who is Jesus and what is He like?
What is significant about Easter and Christmas?
A Christian understanding of forgiveness and being sorry
The wonder of the natural world and how we respond to it
Key elements of God’s character
Community wellbeing
We have privileges and responsibilities

What is God like?
The natural world including people
Easter and Christmas

Healthy relationships
Making a difference and dealing with difference
Global challenges and our response to them
Christian hope
Genres in the Bible