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The gift of connection

Where do you see reminders of the biblical story of Christmas?

Lights on houses?

Ribbons to represent gifts, and gifts themselves?

Stars on trees, or in street decorations?


People celebrating?

What do they remind us of?

You will find all these ideas in the story of the first Christmas

Read the story below ( based on Luke 2:5-21)

Mary had her baby; Jesus was born. That night a group of shepherds were guarding their sheep in some nearby fields.

Suddenly an angel appeared above them as well as a very bright light. The shepherds were terrified but the angel told them not

to be afraid; that this very night the Saviour had been born. The angel said that they would recognise the Saviour because He

would be lying on a bed of hay and wrapped in strips of cloth.

Then, suddenly a large group of angels came down from heaven to join the first. They praised God and said ‘peace on earth to all

those who please God!’

After the angels had left the shepherds said, ‘Let’s go to Bethlehem and see what the Lord has told us about.’

When they found Mary and Joseph they saw a baby lying in a bed of hay just as the angel had told them. They told Mary and

Joseph everything they had seen and heard. Everyone was very amazed and excited by what was happening.

The shepherds eventually left Mary and Joseph and went back to their flocks. They praised God; everything they had seen and

heard had been exactly as the angel said.

Why not watch these SRI Christmas videos?

The Shepherds

The Wise Men

Some Christmas Songs to Enjoy

Why not learn this song from Colin Buchanan: ?

This one is called 'Baby in a Manger'

Do you know this song, 'It's Christmas"?

Overview of SRI materials for SRI Christianity

Below is an overview of the SRI Christianity materials used in Victorian Government Primary Schools.

In these materials, the students are introduced to Christian belief in relation to the follow themes:

Who is Jesus and what is He like?
What is significant about Easter and Christmas?
A Christian understanding of forgiveness and being sorry
The wonder of the natural world and how we respond to it
Key elements of God’s character
Community wellbeing
We have privileges and responsibilities

What is God like?
The natural world including people
Easter and Christmas

Healthy relationships
Making a difference and dealing with difference
Global challenges and our response to them
Christian hope
Genres in the Bible