SRI Materials Information for Parents

Be Still

Today you will need your imagination, some paper, some pencils or textas and maybe also some coloured paper and glue.

Some questions to get you thinking:

Have you ever had a surprise when something good happened?

When you meet a new person for the first time, what do you do or ask to get to know them better?

Over the next few weeks we are going to hear about people who got to know Jesus and found out some really special things about Him.

They learned that Jesus was someone very special but also someone just like them.

Have you had storms where you are recently?

Have you ever been in a boat when the water was a bit rough?

This day, Jesus and HIs friends, the disciples were out in a boat on a lake called Lake Galilee.

You can read this account in the Bible from Matthew chapter 8, verses 23-27.

This is a summary of the text from the Bible.

Jesus was out in boat with His disciples. They were sailing

across a lake. Suddenly, a ferocious storm blew across the

lake. Waves rose and started splashing and rocking the boat.

Jesus was sleeping peacefully in the boat. His disciples woke

Him and asked Him to save them. They were scared they

would drown.

Jesus said to them, ‘Why are you so scared? Where is your

faith?’ He stood and spoke to the wind and the waves saying,

‘Peace, be still’.

Everything became calm.

His disciples were amazed, they marvelled to one another

wondering who He was that the winds and the waves would

listen to and obey Him.


You were also in the boat that day.

What could you smell?

What could you see?

What did you hear?

How did you feel- in the first part of the trip? at the end of the trip?

If you were there that day, what would you be thinking about Jesus?

What questions would you have wanted to ask Jesus after you got back to shore?

Creative Response

Why not draw or create a collage of the scene as you imagined it?

Why not work out some sounds you can make on the computer to retell this story?

Can you create a word picture to represent this recount from the Bible?

Listen and Sing

Do you know this SRI song?

What about this one?

This is another SRI song you may enjoy

Overview of SRI materials for SRI Christianity

Below is an overview of the SRI Christianity materials used in Victorian Government Primary Schools.

In these materials, the students are introduced to Christian belief in relation to the follow themes:

Who is Jesus and what is He like?
What is significant about Easter and Christmas?
A Christian understanding of forgiveness and being sorry
The wonder of the natural world and how we respond to it
Key elements of God’s character
Community wellbeing
We have privileges and responsibilities

What is God like?
The natural world including people
Easter and Christmas

Healthy relationships
Making a difference and dealing with difference
Global challenges and our response to them
Christian hope
Genres in the Bible