SRI Materials Information for Parents


Welcome to 2021. We do not know what it holds but Christians believe that God already knows all about the year.

Do you know if your school is offering SRI in 2021? Why not ask if you are unsure.

We have left the links to the Christmas videos below in case you did not get to see them. The message of Christmas, as told in the Bible, is that God chose to enter the world as a baby, that we might know that God understands us. Christians also believe that the first Christmas shows just how much God loves people. He came to earth, in order that through the events of the first Easter, we could be friends again with God (but more of that later).

Video 1 tells of the birth of Jesus as a human baby

Video 2 tells of the shepherds who were told a Saviour had been born.

Video 3 tells of visitors from far away who came to honour this new king, God with us.

Overview of SRI materials for SRI Christianity

Below is an overview of the SRI Christianity materials used in Victorian Government Primary Schools.

In these materials, the students are introduced to Christian belief in relation to the follow themes:

Who is Jesus and what is He like?
What is significant about Easter and Christmas?
A Christian understanding of forgiveness and being sorry
The wonder of the natural world and how we respond to it
Key elements of God’s character
Community wellbeing
We have privileges and responsibilities

What is God like?
The natural world including people
Easter and Christmas

Healthy relationships
Making a difference and dealing with difference
Global challenges and our response to them
Christian hope
Genres in the Bible