Victorian Chaplains Bring Rich Credentials to Role

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31 August 2023

Have you heard it said that school chaplains are unqualified youth workers? The data speaks for itself.

Each year, the National School Chaplaincy Association (NSCA) in partnership with McCrindle Research collects data on school chaplains and their work.

By capturing the key activities and achievements of our school chaplains, we are better placed to sustain best practice and continuous improvement in delivering social, emotional and spiritual care for others.

Korus Connect has analysed the local data from the 2022 data collection.

The 2022 Victorian School Chaplaincy Snapshot highlights that:

·        89% of chaplains hold a qualification above a Certificate IV level

·        60% of chaplains have studied Ministry / Theology

·        52% of chaplains have studied Human Services

·        21% of chaplains have studied Education

·        11% of chaplains have studied Youth Work

A chaplain is a unique member of a school’s wellbeing team, supporting the social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of students, staff and families. In addition to their primary role of pastoral care, chaplains facilitate many programs and activities, adding to the rich learning environment that the school offers its students. We are grateful to McCrindle for collecting and collating this data.

If you would like a copy of the full 2022 Victorian School Chaplaincy Snapshot, email us on