Dynamic School Partnerships Sow Positive Outcomes

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21 March 2023

Korus Connect values all our key partnerships and professional relationships. We also appreciate constructive feedback from educational and community leaders who recognise the positive impact of our work in fostering improved psychosocial wellbeing, connections and community.

We were thrilled to receive the following correspondence from the Principal of Balwyn High, Deborah Harman, (pictured) highlighting the meaningful connection and lasting contribution of our Korus Connect chaplain.

"Balwyn High School has always highly valued the role of our Chaplain and the impact that he/she can have with the rest of the Student Services Team. Undoubtedly, their work has never been more critically important than over the past three years of COVID disrupted, dislocated schooling and the return to onsite learning. The mental health and wellbeing of our young people (and indeed our staff) remains the absolutely priority of our leadership and work.

To this end, I enjoyed a marvellously uplifting conversation with Jeff, our Chaplain, the morning after our Presentation Night at Hamer Hall held on Monday 5 December 2022. Jeff informed me that he took note of all the student award winners and student leaders that were printed in the program and in particular, those that had sought his, and the Team’s support and care throughout the last year. The list he created was extensive. Not only did it reflect the amazing outcomes for our students that they could achieve highly while still requiring support, it provided the greatest affirmation for Jeff personally of his impact and the importance of his work. It was just the loveliest moment for us both to share".

Photo credit: Image supplied