Connection is the key

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10 June 2022

In 2021, Korus Connect contracted Huber Social, who work with organisations to measure and create social value.  The Huber team met with key staff and representatives of the group to be evaluated, interrogated the vision and mission of Korus Connect, as well our goals and desired outcomes of our Community Connector Initiative (CCI). They discussed how these might be measured as a shift in wellbeing amongst regular participants. The data provided by these participants was compared with like data from the Global Wellbeing Database.

The research data revealed a significant impact was attributed by the participants to their involvement with the Community Connector Initiative.

Having a strong sense of connection was identified as a key driver of wellbeing across all study participants, indicating its importance to everyone regardless of initiative involvement. People who are highly engaged with the CCI have a 40% higher sense of connection than those with no engagement. They also scored highly across the four factors that contribute to connection: lack of loneliness, community, spiritual connection, and access to safe and affordable housing.