Changing the ‘Story Time’ Narrative

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02 February 2023

Enjoy the story below of just one of the interactions that our community connector Jenny has had recently as part of her role in supporting her local community.

A young mum who had a three year old and a four month old baby was coming across to the story time but wanted to quickly give her daughter something to eat. So she purchased the food and turned around and the pastie fell off of the plate onto the ground and the mother dropped to her knees crying.

I just happened to be there at that moment and was able to gently help this very fragile mum. I got her seated with the children and was able to get a replacement pastie. Then the three year old joined the other kids and mum and I just had a chat.

She was experiencing some post-natal pressures and I was able to share my story of dealing with this after the birth of my last child.

By the end of the story time this mother looked as though the weight had been lifted. She was smiling and talking and was delighted that her daughter was also enjoying herself.