Board Internship Program inspires the Next Generation of Leaders

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23 March 2023

The Korus Connect Board ‘struck gold’ when they received an internship application from Melbourne-based events manager Ashleigh Khoo.

This young, enthusiastic and intelligent woman heard about The Board Internship from a friend, and recognised the program provides a unique opportunity to cultivate both her current and future leadership prospects.

Run by Korus Connect in partnership with Christian Ministry Advancement (CMA), The Board Internship enables Christian professionals up to 35 years of age, to be trained, mentored and supported in the development of board management skills and governance.

Ashleigh said it was a privilege to be a part of the Korus Connect Board for a one-year period, which concludes at the CMA Conference in June 2024. She is participating in the governance and audit sub-committees and enjoys gleaning corporate insights into best practice, within these niche domains.

The immersion-style learning, supported by a mentor and monthly training workshops, has enriched Ashleigh’s understanding of corporate governance, financial stewardship, legal compliance, risk management and policy development. It has also affirmed her personal strengths in strategic planning, fundraising, marketing and communications, as well as broader professional insights into the Christian not-for-profit sector.

For young people considering participation in The Board Internship, Ashleigh’s advice is to fully embrace this leadership formation program. She said the internship provides a platform to emulate positive role models in a context where you are sincerely ‘heard’ and ‘it is safe to ask questions.’

This formative experience has empowered, equipped and energised Ashleigh to continue offering her service to local boards open to receiving the next generation of Christian leaders.

The Board Internship continues to recruit Christian board interns and host organisations committed to forging a corporate legacy filled with hope, integrity and Christ-like servant leadership.

Donations can be made to support the training, development and mentoring of our current Korus Connect board intern Ashleigh Khoo via a dedicated fundraising page.

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