Legacy of Love Lives on

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12 September 2022

The legacy of love exuded by Korus Connect chaplain Sharon Alsop, lives on after her recent passing.

Sharon served as a chaplain in two metropolitan primary schools from 2020 to mid-2022. In these pastoral care roles, walking alongside school communities, Sharon found a vocation which magnified her God-given gifts, talents and training.

Sharon’s husband, Andrew Alsop said Sharon found great meaning, purpose and fulfilment as a chaplain and described it as a role which was the satisfying culmination of all her life experience. As a pastoral care practitioner, Sharon drew on her backgrounds in science, administration, Human Resources, recruitment and the corporate sector. 

“Sharon was passionate about children’s wellbeing. She loved to help train and equip children in emotional intelligence and resilience, providing valuable life tools and skills. Sharon saw it as giving them the support she wished was available when she was their age,” Andrew said. 

He added that Sharon took great delight in collecting, researching and curating pastoral care and wellbeing resources to enrich her chaplaincy work. For this reason, Andrew has donated Sharon’s sizable treasure trove of chaplaincy, wellbeing and pastoral care tools and resources to a new Korus Connect chaplain, Jackie, who was thrilled to receive these helpful books, toys, games, and information packs.