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The Spiritual Dimension of Life

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29 August 2019
Impacting Students by Attending to the Spiritual Dimension of Life

Faithful volunteers from many churches continue to provide the opportunity for students to see Christianity modelled, and learn about the beliefs, values and stories of the Christian faith through Special Religious Instruction (SRI). These volunteers are trained and accredited by Korus Connect, and approved by the Minister for Education for this purpose.

For non-Christian students (both of another faith or no faith), this is an opportunity to learn about the Christian faith from a person of faith. This may be very different from what they might learn from their classroom teachers through an exploration of the major religions represented in Australia.

For Christian students, this is an opportunity to spend time with others interested in spiritual things and to be encouraged in their own faith understanding. For such children, SRI validates and supports their faith position in our secular society.

The instructors week by week demonstrate the relevance of the Christian faith to the choices students make and how they might view themselves, others and the world. The SRI Program suggests both by its content and the lived experience of the volunteer instructors, the critical place that spiritual health has in our overall psychosocial health. A study conducted in NSW during 2018 highlighted the contribution that SRI makes to:

  • social cohesion
  • strengthening the multicultural fabric of Australian schools
  • values education - empowering student decision-making, fostering student action and assigning real student responsibility
  • the provision of a safe place to explore the deeper questions of faith and belief
  • students' mental health and wellbeing.

(Gross and Rutland, Study of Special Religious Education and its Value to Contemporary Society, 2018)

Are you in a position to be trained to become a volunteer instructor? You need to love children, be able to communicate with them, work as a member of a team, have a couple of hours spare time a week and be an active member of a Christian church. If this sounds like you, we would love for you to make contact. Email your details to