Upcoming Korus Connect Training

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21 February 2022
SRI Training

If you are looking to serve your local primary school community by giving students the opportunity to learn about and from the Christian faith, life and values using Korus Connect instructional materials - please consider joining our training workshops. Accredited training for new instructors (face-to-face and online) will be held on Thursday 10 March and Friday 11 March. For registration and inquiries call 03 9811 0999 or email

Vocational Chaplaincy Skills Training

Are you interested in working as a school chaplain? Our Vocational Chaplaincy Skills Training to be held from Monday 28 March – Tuesday 29 March 2022 will help you prepare for your new role. Through this training, you will cover the two units required under the National School Chaplaincy Program. It puts the practice of ‘Responding to Client Needs’ and ‘Working with People with Mental Health Issues’ into the specific context of Chaplaincy and Wellbeing Services. This training is offered in partnership with Wesley Vocational Institute. For registration and inquiries call 03 9811 0999 or email

Spiritual Wellbeing Training

Sign up today for our Spiritual Wellbeing Training to be held on Wednesday 20 April 2022. Spiritual Wellbeing plays a central role in helping people to explore and develop a sense of identity, purpose, connection, meaning and hope. For registration and inquiries call 03 9811 0999 or email

Community Impact Training – Churches

2022 heralds the start of some new training initiatives for Korus Connect, which explore community impact, collaborative partnerships and meaningful connection in new and dynamic ways. Local churches have articulated the need to heighten their community engagement and impact after the protracted isolation of pandemic lockdowns. Therefore Korus Connect is offering a new training package called ‘Energise Community Impact – For Churches’. This training will support churches in their outward-facing focus and include assessment, training, mentoring and resources. The new training relies on key partnerships with local churches and ministry leaders. It captures the local knowledge and expertise of church leaders and their communities to achieve positive and lasting change, and strengthened relationships, community and meaningful connections. For more information contact Dean Eaton via email or by phone on 03 9811 0999.