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Bendigo Chaplaincy 50 Years Celebration

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27 August 2019

Congratulations to the network of Bendigo Chaplains and current and former Support Group members who recently celebrated 50 years of serving their local community. A Thanksgiving Service to mark the auspicious occasion was held at the Bendigo Church of Christ on June 23.

In attendance were two ladies, Rhonda and Leonie, who had been in Form 1 at Bendigo Girls' High School in 1969 when the first Chaplain, Deaconess Joan Anderson, was appointed. Stalwart Pam Crammond, also present at the proceedings, was involved in the appointment of Joan Anderson to the inaugural Chaplaincy position. Therefore, it was deemed fitting that Pam help cut the celebration cake!

Pam shared a memory of a student being unable to join in swimming classes because of ear sensitivities. The Chaplain provided earplugs and a bathing cap to solve the student's problem. This echoed the story of a current Bendigo Chaplain, Carl Rusbridge, who supported a student unable to attend work experience because the family could not afford work boots, by coming through with the necessary solution to resolve the problem.

Another highlight of the event was Korus Connect CEO Dawn Penney, delivering a speech about Christ's light illuminating the past, present and future of Bendigo Chaplaincy, while providing the courage to be a voice for what is right and good in the world.